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 Goldsmith’s market has a long-standing history in the Georgian Bay and Grey County Area. Beginning as a popular roadside fruit-stand in the 1960s, Goldsmith’s was purchased by the Oakley family in 2013.

Brad and Teresa Oakley began their farming career as apple farmers in the Beaver Valley in the late 1980s. Their son Kyle, returned from home from university in 2010, and together the family opened their first roadside stand in Thornbury. After a very successful three years, the Oakley’s had bigger dreams for their family farm and market - so they purchased Goldsmith’s in 2013. As the farm and market grew, Brad and Teresa’s daughter Krista returned home from out West in 2017 to join the family business. 

Today, every member of the Oakley family is responsible for the success of the market and farm. Brad and Kyle manage all farming operations, from planting to harvesting and everything in between - and Brad’s father Ken builds all of the farm and market displays. Teresa, Krista and Kyle’s wife Debby are all busy behind the scenes. Kyle and Debby’s two young children - Avery and Carter - are also regular staples in and around the farm and market.

In the last seven years, the Oakley family has made their dreams come true with over 200 acres of apple orchards and farm land, as well as full market and bakery - offering a selection of local, high-quality meats, dairy, cheese, produce and other grocery goods. Whatever you can find on the shelves, the Oakley family has had on their table - promising nothing but the best in it’s source and it’s quality! Attracting customers from Georgian Bay Area - all the way to Guelph, London and the GTA - Goldsmith’s has built a strong community of partners and loyal customers who value small-batch, local goods made with mindful practices.

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