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Potato Scape Soup


2 cups garlic scapes, chopped

2 lbs Yukon Gold or Russet potatoes, skinned and diced

1 red onion (diced)

1/4 cup butter

6 cups chicken broth

1 tablespoon dry mustard

Other spices (paprika, cayenne, salt/pepper) to taste






1. In large pot, sautée onions and scapes with butter over medium-low heat until onions are translucent

2. Add potatoes, chicken broth, mustard and pepper/paprika (if using).

3. Continue cooking, covered, for one hour on medium low until potatoes are tender.

4. Puree, taste and add salt or pepper if desired

5. Serve hot or cold!

Garlic scapes are tender shoots from garlic plants, and can be used wherever you would garlic, though they have a milder, "greener" flavour.  Typically available in late June and early July, garlic scapes aren't around long, so take advantage while you can!  This soup smells wonderful while cooking, and can be frozen to eat later.

Garlic Scapes

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